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Search Engine Optimisation:

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! channel about 90% of all online traffic.
Almost 80% of all clicks come from organic search listings, rather than via paid search.
SEO is the most cost efficient way of driving traffic to a websites.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a proven method of improving website performance, turning your business presence into a professional tool.

SEO Pie ChartSEO works to increase a site’s reputation within the search engine algorithm for specific key words and terms linked to services and services a client is offering, among other criteria.

Over time, skilled and consistent application of SEO techniques will improve this reputation, making a website more likely to achieve higher page rankings so it becomes more prominent to its target customers and more competitive in its market.

Why Choose Vertex Index For Your SEO:

There are a many of reasons why bsuiensses should choose Vertex Index Ltd for their Search Engine Optimisation. Here are a few:

We run a highly skilled, results-driven SEO service.
We only use ethical SEO techniques to avoid risk of penalty for our clients.
The techniques we use are tried, tested and reliable and have been honed by the experience
Our methods increase quality traffic for our clients and encourage more sales.
We pay attention to search engine guidelines and standards, and work to them.
Vertical Index monitors and evaluates its performance on an ongoing basis.

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