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Vertical Index Ltd is a leading professional online consultancy based in the UK. We offer a full service package of online business support, including website design, website development, e-commerce and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our portfolio of services is fully integrated to ensure our clients achieve their business goals: we are results-orientated and bring about a high success rate by delivering premier quality website packages to our clients, which fulfil the needs of their business and their customers. This integration means our website design and website development is planned alongside e-commerce architecture and ongoing successful search engine optimisation requirements; while our impressive standards often exceed industry best practice benchmarks.For ultimate flexibility, all our website services are available individually too, from an attractive redesign to a rolling SEO campaign to increase sales.

Give us a call now to discuss developing your online business. We will be glad to help you in any we can.

Alternatively fill our online enquiry form and we will be in touch with you within a few hours.

Vertical Index offers bespoke website design for clients who wish their business website to become more commercially lucrative, and for their online presence to be the envy of their market sector.We recognise that each client has different objectives and therefore our services are unique to these needs. This ethos is the same for a simple and attractive brochure website as it is to an e-commerce site ready for customer sales, or an integrated content management system.

Our services includes:

          Website concepts and designs   Website Re-design and Re-branding   Keyword and Website Optimisation   Updating Existing Websites and Features   Attractive and Informative Optimised content   PHP/ASP Web Programming   Client Content Management Systems   Fully Integrated E-commerce Solutions   Plus Much More.
Bringing the full experience of our team into play, we work with our clients to conceive, design, develop and deliver the ideal product for them - one which reflects their brand, good reputation and quality; encouraging visitors to become customers, as well as attracting positive attention from search engines.

Contact us today to speak with one of our web consultants, who can advise upon the services we offer and give expert advice on possible online business solutions that could benefit your business, and who will be happy to forward a tailored proposal for improvements to your online presence.

Vertical Index will make your business and services as visible to your customers as possible using the most up-to-date and ethical search engine marketing techniques.

Skilled search engine optimisation (SEO) has a direct impact on profitability and return on investment for a business or brand. Vertical Media will ensure that the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will index (categorise) your website correctly using SEO, giving it maximum visibility on results pages each time a relevant search query is submitted.

SEO encompasses a range of techniques by which a website becomes favoured by search engines and is able to target customers and make money.

Vertical Index utilises on-page and off-page optimisation for the best organic and paid search advertising results: keyword audits, optimisation analysis, competitor analysis, updating website features, website redesign, link building, keyword optimisation, custom website features and easy content management for maximum client control.

Our SEO specialists begin the process by performing an analytical audit on a website's current optimisation - looking at individual elements such as keyword testing, navigation, structure and content. This data is used to create an SEO strategy, which recommends practical solutions to particular failings. Once the campaign is underway, clients receive regular monthly reports on performance and traffic, along with suggestions for further tweaks to foster the best results. It is, however, usual for clients to witness for themselves the benefits of our professional SEO before they receive our reports.

Vertical Index delivers fully operational e-commerce packages that enable your customers to buy directly from you via the internet.

Our designs are attractive, customer-friendly and secure, and are created to both enhance and encourage the customer experience and our client's profitability.

E-Commerce Website Design There are two Vertical Index options for e-commerce - as a standard or original add-on to an existing website, and as a bespoke, freestanding e-commerce solution designed from scratch.Following a thorough consultation with you, our client, we undertake everything, from the design concept to testing and making an e-commerce site live and available to shoppers; this includes the shopping cart, checkout and various options for the client to be able to control its stock and product information via a content management system (for which we also provide training).

Many businesses find that being able to sell their products and services online can support their high street business (if they have one), get a good return on investment, cut costs and transform their success.

If your business has online potential, or if you have an idea for a new online enterprise, contact Vertical Index for an e-commerce consultation and advice. Being an online business ourselves, we know what we are talking about.

Vertical Index offers a full range of design services to our clients, which include the bedrock of a positive customer-facing image - graphic design.

While our graphic designers produce some of the sharpest and attractive online images for web design, their skills are also called into play where corporate identity and branding are concerned.

The corporate identity graphic design services we offer can enhance how all other visual materials appear, whether this is online or in print. A cutting edge logo or full corporate identity can really make a difference to the visual impact of all publicity materials.

Great images that attract attention and convey the right message are a powerful business tool. Vertical Index's skilled graphic designers have a combined team experience spanning decades, and we work with clients across all industries to provide unique designs for all publicity purposes, large and small.These include online and printed company brochures, company letterheads, business cards, posters, exhibition images, product images, staff portraits, e-newsletter templates and a host of other marketing materials.

In fact, we can produce just about any image for every possible occasion, which can be integrated into a website design or made print-ready, or both - the choice is yours.

Vertical Index runs a specialist service to support new business start-ups, which is also suitable for established companies that want to spice up their image.

Our Business Start-Up package includes all the basics that will enable you to get your business off the ground with flair and panache.

Products include web design and development, logo design, business card design, letterhead design and more, and can be tailored to your budget, your schedule and your requirements.

Accessing this service means you get an integrated corporate identity across all your marketing materials and tools, both online and offline, and a cost effective method of creating an image for your company - one which can be built on.

The efficiency of our Business Start-Up package means you have the peace of mind that we are handling the creation of your marketing materials, leaving you to concentrate on launching and developing your empire.

Our Business Start-Up package consultants will be happy to discuss your needs and will base their recommendations on our past experience of working with new and established companies, as well as advising on current practices and trends for online and offline marketing tools.

Call us today to find out more.

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