Joomla Website Design

Joomla website design

A key issue for businesses with websites is how to keep their content fresh without the hassle of having to learn complicated technology tricks or employ an outside agency to handle it. Enter Joomla, a user-friendly system by which websites can stay current and competitve.

Vertex Index’s website design services are aimed at providing our clients with unsurpassed products, from the creation of the concept, pages and integrated features and extending to customer support. Our designers and consultants work alongside our clients to help them achieve their objectives via their websites – to maximise earning potential, build traffic, get a good return on investment and facilitate sustainable business growth.

Websites are excellent tools and essential in the modern marketplace. Vertex Index works with clients from all industries and sectors, to develop and deliver a range of different styles of site that match each clients’ individual requirements.

This includes websites designed specifically e-commerce and those which act as a shop window (boutique designs or a simple homepage). Vertex Index utilises Joomla, arguably one of the most popular content management facility on the internet right now.

Joomla content managed websites are tailored to specific client needs and are a convenient and user-friendly way to keep websites up-to-date. Website users have become so sophisticated in their expectations of what websites should be and do, that businesses have struggled to keep up with the ‘current’ flavour of their sites, making pages look dated and stale. Vertex Index offers Joomla features as an efficient and cost-effective way to keep websites fresh.

This may be in the form of news updates, press releases, product information, sale/discount information, event details and even contact information. Joomla is also ideal for performing the usual tweaks and nudges to basically static content, like company history and terms of service, without the need to rely upon an outside third party agency to schedule it into their diaries – which can be inconvenient and costly.

Joomla can also be used to upload video and audio files to websites – for example, podcasts and tutorials, making the site even more appealing to a generation of internet-savvy customers who expect and like to see information presented in this way.

Other creation features on individual pages include the ability to make tables, links, manage and create menus, embed video from YouTube and MySpace and format text to look exactly the way it needs to with a rich text editor – so headlines and subheadings can be bolded, key terms italicised, and so on.

Joomla obviously offers incredible flexibility and opportunity, and Vertex Index can help businesses make the most of this by offering bespoke training for business employees. Relevant staff can be taught how to update a business website, and Vertex Index can set levels of access, so the right people can work on the right pages and errors are minimised on restricted areas.

Moreover, Joomla has the advantage of being sympathetic to search engine optimisation (SEO), so metatags and URLs can be optimised and tweaked as the marketplace demands. Joomla website design from Vertex Index really does put power at the fingertips of every business!

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