The internet is a dynamic channel for communication and websites should be as up-to-date as possible in order to be able to keep the loyalty and attract the attention of customers and visitors. A tired, dated website can really impact upon business, due to the increasing awareness of people who look for information and shop online, so in order to remain competitive, businesses should make sure their online presence is showing their best side at all times.Vertex Index offers a full range of website re-design services that undoubtedly give businesses a boost of their online image and enable them to not only keep a healthy established customer base, but reach out to a new audience.
Our extensive experience developing website designs for our clients has shown us that even simple changes to how a page looks can have a marked improvement on fiscal performance, for traditional boutique-style, corporate and e-commerce websites alike.There are two main types of website re-design from Vertex Index to consider: the first is a visual overhaul, including elements of re-branding, fresh content, new images and so on. These elements would be search engine optimised (SEO), which is a vital component of modern websites – certainly one reason why older designs do not perform well is that they have not been optimised, or optimised according to today’s standards.If a full overhaul is not required, or budgets are particularly tight, Vertex Index can assess the most important changes to be made and implement these, rather than performing a full face-lift. For example, our analysis might reveal that SEO is an issue, so we would tweak an existing website to ensure content and invisible elements of pages were working to their fullest potential – there are many ways to make small changes that will exponentially increase traffic, and this is just one.

Re-branding, including a new logo design, could be another; changing the architecture of a website – how the pages are linked and are navigated by visitors – is yet another.
The second type of re-design available from Vertex Index includes new features. These may come as additional pages that encourage more customer interaction – such as feedback forms, customer advice forums, blog posts and news pages or interactive gadgets, all of which visitors and customers love.

Alternatively, this type of re-design could include a new back-end e-commerce feature, by which our client’s customers can browse, search for, order and pay for goods directly. Vertex Index can develop and supply back-end e-commerce facilities for any kind of business in any sector. Our e-commerce sites are efficient, quick-loading, secure and attractive to customers, leading them through the entire selling process effortlessly.

We can design this kind of website from scratch, but we are also able to customise existing open source software to provide exactly what our clients want and need – which keeps the costs down for them and makes the most of their marketing budgets.

Vertex Index website re-design specialists are happy to discuss the potentials of our services to potential new clients, which can also include a free SEO consultation.

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