WordPress Website Design

WordPress is one of the buzzwords of the internet age – it is a flexible, innovative, user-friendly modular system of website design that any business can utilise for its online presence. It has evolved from providing simple blogging platforms, to enabling some of the very best designed and functional sites on the world wide web.






Vertex Index offers WordPress website design in our portfolio of services for these reasons and more. Built on open source software and constantly developed and updated, it ensures seamless technology updates that keep websites current; add to this the plethora of widget offerings that are launched onto the internet every single day, we know that we can continue to offer our clients the versatility and up-date-ability that their customers require.

WordPress is also, by its nature, excellent news for businesses who want to maximise their search engine optimisation (SEO) potential. The way the system works is already geared towards promoting SEO, giving business website owners full control over every element of their pages from this perspective – which means more time and effort can be spent on other elements of the website.

On a basic level, WordPress templates are vastly customisable, enabling different colours to match our client’s corporate identities, utilising different fonts and providing facilities to easily maintain content. Vertex Index can help guide our clients to the correct style of WordPress website template for their needs, then use this as a basis to create the website that meets their needs.

Widgets – little gadgets and features that enhance visitor and customer experience – can be chosen and integrated into this design. Widgets include anything from links to Facebook posts and Twitter tweets to clocks, weather reports and others from the more funky end of the scale, such as live webcam feeds and daily horoscopes. Widgets like these add value to a website because they are fun and convenient; a Index Vertex WordPress consultant will be able to recommend the best and most appropriate for each individual client.

WordPress widgets can also make life even easier for website owners – there are thousands to choose from that will enable a more customisable backend; for example, for more efficient SEO or a Google sitemap generator; again, Vertex Index can advise on the best to use for each of our clients, dependent on their particular requirements.

In addition to creating customised websites using WordPress, Vertex Index can also link an existing website to a blog that has been created using the open source software. This can designed with the same diligence to detail as a business site, including appropriate widgets, and training can be given to our clients’ staff on the uploading of content. Vertex Index also offers blog copy-writing services; blog content can be an excellent added-value feature for link building and to grow traffic beyond what other websites can expect.

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